Saturday, March 2, 2013

Heart Dolls

 Did you miss me :)

I am late with updating my blog with my creatures but I a am trying to catch up.
I will show you today the heart dolls I made in February for those who haven't seen them.
Also, my friend Gaia made a small interview with me which if you know Italian could read here .
I used google translator to read the first paragraph and was touched by her words :).
Gaia makes the Bambina carabina blythe helmets which if you are into blythes most probably know of.You could have a look in her etsy shop here.

And here there is a handful of Heart dolls :)

And some more pictures of them:

Ooops, one forgot her skirt on this photo :)
 I will be back with more kitties, bunnies and other silly things :)