Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Softies for Mirabel

I made this dolly for Softies for Mirabel
She must be somewhere flying now.
Some photos of her here when I took her for a walk and run out of battery.
I made her a kitty brooch and a small dolly of her own.


  1. did you took some of these pics in instagram? I want to follow you. Katerina from Israel.

  2. The battery of my camera died and I took them with the phone of a friend and played in instagram :) but I don't have instagram on my phone it's a very simple one so I don't have instagram too.Such a long explanation :)

  3. Exquisite! I could easily favorite every photo of yours on Flickr :)

  4. Thank you a lot, I saw my doll arrived to her destination :)

  5. Hi Miriana,

    Greetings from New York! She and every single doll, kittys & things you created is just stunning! They will always have a special place in my heart ;)