Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Yellows, blues and greens

Hello, from time to time you could also find me here :)
If you would like to read a little q&a with me :) you could do so on this lovely blog .
And now for the kitties and bunnies around:

Some boxes to have rest in:

The bunnies need boxes too:

Especially after eating from the giant carrots:

And having quite a few adventures in the big word:


  1. Oh my goodness - they are just too gorgeous!! Looove them all :)

  2. Hi Miriana! I am always excited about a new blog post from you! Love the colors of these kitties and so enjoyed reading the blog post about you. I can say that for me your work really does convey all those qualities you listed and everything you make and photograph puts a smile on my face :) xx

  3. I really adore all your beautiful dolls!! I hope one day i could have one for my little dolls. :) Happy mid-week and love to you!


  4. Your work is lovely. I really like it. Congratulations!! :)

  5. Thank you all so much for visiting my seldom updated blog , thank you for your sweet comments !

  6. What little cutie's. Just love them all ....xx